Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some people need to keep their mouths shut

A few weeks back, everyone was all over Dancing With the Stars dancer, Cheryl Burke about her weight. Apparently, she's not the only one who is criticized for being "fat". Her cast mate, fellow dancer, and So You Think You Can Dance alum, Lacey Schwimmer has also been accused of gaining too much weight. What makes it worse is that its not the media blasting her, but rather her own cast mates!

'Dancing With the Stars' professionals Louis van Amstel and Maksim Chmerkovskiy probably don't have many female friends.
The pros are both speaking up about fellow dancers, Cheryl Burke and Lacey Schwimmer, who they say need to lose weight.

"If you want to gain weight, it's your prerogative. We all put on weight because
there was no summer tour. But you have to deal with the consequences," van Amstel tells TV Guide.
"When I first saw these women this season, I said, 'Guys, you know the camera adds 10 pounds. You have to do something about this,'" Chmerkovskiy adds. "[People] look at this show to be inspired and think, 'If I just work hard enough, I can look like that.' If they watch someone who's
dancing her butt off and she's still heavy, they can be discouraged. You have to take responsibility," van Amstel finishes.

Now, I've already defended the gorgeous Cheryl Burke before in a previous blog, but this is what she has to say for herself.

As far as Lacey goes, would someone please tell me when looking like this meant you were fat?

Just like Cheryl, she has meat on her bones. Is that so wrong? To me, it just makes her look more like a real woman and not one of those Hollywood mutants that either starve themselves, live on cigarettes and alcohol, or puke up everything they eat...maybe even all of the above.

I may be alone in thinking this, but these two guys have issues. Perhaps they're jealous? I mean, Cheryl has won DWTS before, and Lacey is a top 4 finalist of SYTYCD. Before this statement, I had never really even heard of these guys other than their introduction on the show.

Don't they just sound so full of themselves, though? If I didn't know better, I'd say this was a sad attempt to garner some publicity for themselves.

NOTE: It has been brought to my attention that these comments were indeed taken out of contest, however, that doesn't excuse the fatc that someone twisted it into this, and as such I stand by my sentiments!

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Sharon said...

I'd suggest you read the following thread to see that both gentlemen were quoted out of context. I appreciate and applaud your desire to defend Cheryl, but these men don't deserve to be vilified like they have in the press!