Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The strange man and the mannequin

Some people are just sick! Sick, I tell you!

As a guy, I'm not one to be excited about going shopping, but I will go an be supportive and give my opinion and what not. No big. Tonight, the lil lady and I went to Lane Bryant so she could use her coupn before it expired and becuse she had a bad day at work. I'll never explain how shopping makes women feel better, but whatever.

Anyway, while she was in the dressing room, I was wandering around the store killing time. I came across another guy looking at a manequin. At first I thought nothing of it, but then I noticed some movements in his pockets. Now, my initial reaction is that he was just playing with his keys. THat's what I do, but I was wrong. He had his keys on his belt loop.

Judging by the creepy smile and his fixation on the manneqin, I can only assume he was masturbating! That's right, this sick man was doing that right there in the middle of the store!

Good Lord man, get a room or some help, or both!


Sara said...

That's some shopping trip!

Web-Betty said...

Oh my.

While I'm not one to care what a man does with his Willy in private, public is a whole other matter! CREEPY!!

*lynne* said...

yikes! I'd like to think that if I were to find myself in that situation, that I'd hunt down a security officer and point out the perv. In reality though, I'f probably get the flock out of there, then blog about it, LoL!

Seriously though - in public??