Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New ideas?

Remember back in the day when people actually came up with their own ideas? It appears that those days are long gone. I just read that they're going to reboot the Robocop franchise as well as making a new Ghostbusters. These are just more entries in the long line of movies that some director, producer, or studio feels just HAS to be remade.

My question is, why can't anyone come up with their own ideas anymore? Comic book movies are ok, but why does Hollywood seem hellbent on remaking everything from the 80s? What is it, were the originals not good enough?

Not just the 80s, but they also seem to be delving into old TV shows alot more. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don't.

I blame reality TV! Yes, you heard me, "reality" TV! It has robbed us of imagination and its starting to affect network executives and those that write the screenplays and such. It just seems that no one can come up with anything on their own anymore.

*SIGH* Yet another reason I long for the good old days!

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