Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The audacity of cats

Last night, I went to bed and left a blanket on the couch. no big, right? Well, my cats apparently thought otherwise. I'll admit, I haven't cleaned their litter box out in a few days, but that is no excuse for them to climb up on the couch and lay a nice big poop!

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, they climbed up on the couch, positioned themselves on the blanket and let it go. All because the litter box wasn't clean. I swear cats have bigger balls than humans do sometimes...lol

I did clean the litter box this morning, so there should be no more accidents. Well, that's all. Just wanted to share.


Kate said...

Yip, if you annoy cats, they will get you back LOL Years ago when my DH was sharing a house, one of his house mates did something to offend the cat, so it crept under the duvet on his bed and left him a little parcel.

Mystery Man said...

really? i don't think i've annoyed them, just hadn't gotten around to the litter box. lol guess that just means they wanted to leave parcels where i cna be sure to get it so i could get to the litter box...lol