Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Would it be too much to ask?

As you can tell from reading previous blogs, last week was my birthday. I don't care too much birthday celebrations or anything like that. All I ask is acknowledge the day. So, you can guess my disappointment when it's a week later and I have gotten nothing from my parents, not a card, phone call, or anything. WTF?!?

Now, I do know things have been a little hectic around there. This being my little brother's senior year of high school, my dad having some issues with his colonoscopy, and my mom having to have some kid of procedure done last week. So, I'm hoping that they just got too busy to send it and it'll be coming soon. I mean, I go out of my way to send them cards for their birthdays, and respective parent's days. Would it be so wrong to ask for something in return?

I know it's better to give than to receive and all, but last time I went "home" I felt so unwelcome it's a wonder I even stayed as long as I did. No wonder I haven't been home in 3 yrs! Hopefully this year, I can make it back there, but this lack of acknowledgement isn't exactly making me want to go out of my way to make that 5 hr drive, especially with gas prices the way they are!

Maybe I'm just being a brat about this whole thing, but that's how I feel. I love my parents and wouldn't be where I am without them, but seriously, it's not like I'm asking for money, just a card that says "Happy Birthday." Oh well, maybe it got lost in the mail. *SIGH*


One Ten said...

Happy Belated!!!!!!!! Last week was my birthday also, turned the big 21!!!!

Kelly said...

Aw! Happy Birthday! I would be hurt too.


Ms. Orange said...

oh no! i'm thinking maybe a card got lost in the mail?

happy belated birthday!

3 years is a long time though...

fragileheart said...

Awh chin up, I'm sure they're tied up in all those things you mentioned. Maybe you should give them a call and see how they're doing and I'm sure they'll realise as soon as you call that they forgot. THEN you can ask them for a big present while they're feeling guilty. heheheh (j/k)

Mystery Man said...

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

one ten: what dya was your b-day? i remember 21. that was one fun day! spent it down bourbon street in new orleans. need i say more?

kelly: yeah, i'm hurt, but it helped to get my feelings out and off my chest

ms. orange: i'm still waiting for that card. stuff seems to get lost both ways with my family, though. not just cards, but important stuff. i remember when my student loan papers were late becuse of the mail! that was no fun!

fragileheart: yeah, they've been pretty tied up, but surprisingly they called this morning to give me the new toll free phone nunber. of course, hey had to call at the butt crack of dawn! lol i'll be sure to ask for a big present to make up for that one! hahahaha