Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eye Candy

This is my first entry in hotties of the week sequence of blogs. Every Sunday, I will have 4 hotties. Here are this week's choices

Female Hottie: Halle Berry

I figure, she had a birthday this month, so why not reward one of the hottest women alive today by letting her be the inaugural hottie of the week.

Male Hottie: Will Smith

There you go ladies. Hope you enjoy!

The next category is MILF. Halle (and any other MILFs are eligible for both this and hottie of the week, bu not at the same time and not in successive weeks.)

MILF: Salma Hayek

Words can't describe the beauty this Latin hottie possesses!

Random Hottie from a movie or TV show seen this week: Monica Belucci

I saw her in "Shoot 'Em Up" this afternoon. not sure what else she's been in, but I know she's also in "Matrix:Reloaded" (or whatever the second one is she's also a MILF. I'm sure she'll appear in a couple of the other categories in the future!

The final category is an homage to days gone by. The definition of beauty and hotness has changed over the years, so I'm going to remind us all of days gone by.

Classic/retro hottie: Marilyn Monroe

Who better to start this category than the penultimate pinup herself, Marilyn Monroe!

Well, that's this week's batch. Feel free to nominate for next week. I'm always reading/listening!

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