Monday, August 25, 2008

Extreme fandom

College football season starts this week. This reminded of something I saw on thr local news last year.

In case you are not aware, I live in Baton Rouge, La, home of the LSU Tigers and the extreme fans they have. An example of the extremes they go to reared its ugly head last year. A grad student at LSU, who had received her undergrad from Virgina Tech had her car and aprtment vandalized.

Her car was spray painted purple and gold with the worlds "LSU Rulz V Tech sucks!" on it. Her windoiws were bashed in and tere was major structural damage to the vehicle itself. Her oartment was similarly damaged. All this becuse she didn't cheer for LSU and they played Va. Tech that week. WTF?!?

I'm not sure if anything was done to rectify this situation, but if it was me, I'd have pressed charges on someone. That's not right. It's borderline prejudice! All becuse of a gaame?

I know there are rivalries and such, but this was a bit extreme!

Hopefully, this won't happen to anyone this year.

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