Thursday, August 28, 2008

There'sa hurricane a-comin'!!!!

3 years ago south Louisiana was hit hard by hurricanes Katrina and Rita(although if you listen to people talk, they just got hit by Katrina... poor Rita gets Well, it appears that Gustav is headed this way. Not sure if he'll make landfall, what damage will be done, or at this point, what's going on ,but I do know that folks are getting ready for him.

Now, when Katrina and Rita came through, I was living in north La. All we got up there was some heavy rains. Now, I'm an hour away from New Orleans. I've been told, there's no need to worry, but they also said that about New Orleans.

I'm not sure if I'm scared or excited about this. I mean, yeah, this could be a natural disaster and all, but it would be something I could tell my kids about and I'm also a bit curious to see what actually happens for real. Yeah, I'm weird like that.

The worst part about this is that traffic is bad enough down here. Should Gustav cause evacuations, traffic will get worse! On top of that, this is holiday weekend and opening weekend for LSU football. I would not want to be a traffic cop having to deal with all that traffic!

I'll keep all interested readers posted on the situation.

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