Friday, August 15, 2008

I Don't Need No Stinking Updates!!!!

Words can't describe the am mount of frustration I'm feeling right now! This week, Windows downloaded its updates. no big, it happens every month. however, something went wrong this time. After downloading said updates, the comp has to reboot in order for them to take effect. Well, it did that and when I came back to the next morning it said that the current profile could not be launched because of insufficient security or that it was corrupt. I figure, it was just a mistake and rebooted again. Same message, so I go on and let it work with the temporary settings.

Under these temporary settings, most of my my programs are hidden, there's a different desktop scheme, and every time I launch something it's like I was launching it for the first time. I actually had to remember some of my

I e-mailed one of my more computer savvy friends about the problems I was having, and she said that the updates had been causing a lot of people, especially those that use Microsoft XP, problems. Now, isn't that just great!?!

So, I get everything close to normal and unhidden, then I remember, all this is going to be for naught. It said that all changes will b erased next time I log off. UGH!!!! Damn Microsoft and Windows XP! Damn them to hell!!!!

On top of that, my Winamp was having issues related to its new updates. It would start at the bottom of the list, then go straight down the list. This wouldn't have been a problem, except I had it on shuffle! When I went to a different song, it would go back to the bottom or top, whichever was closer, and then go back down the list. I went to the Winamp site and asked about it. Apparently, like the Windows updates, lots of people were having issues with the same thing. It was easily remedied, though. Just had to go back to the old version.

After uninstalling the newest version, and tracking down a download of the previous version I had to download, it's been working fine. Shame I can't do that with Windows. I really don't know what I'm going to do about that. *SIGH*


Ms. Orange said...

i can understand your frustrations! always seemed to have problems with windows, especially since we all shared one computer here. but now after switching to different computer (we got a mac) it's been so much better! i find i'm visiting my therapist less often nowawadays saving lotsa of money! :)

Ian said...

Hearing this makes me so glad I bought a mac recently -- I was on PCs for a really long time and had problems. The only problem I've ever had with this mac was when I spilled a bottle of wine on it :)

Mystery Man said...

one of these days i'll cave in and get a mac, bu for no i gota deal with the pc.