Monday, August 4, 2008

Pop Up Evolution

Everyone knows about pop ups. You can't surf the net without running into some sort of rollover ad or pop up ad that annoys the ever living snot out of you. Pop up blocker works wonders, but it doesn't block them all.

I've noticed lately that there has been an evolution of pop ups. Back in the day, they were just your standard ads. Now they've evolved to the point to where some take over the page you're searching for. These ads can't be blocked by pop up blocker and have a timer that counts down before you can skip them. Not to mention the fact that if you go back to the page before an try to go to the destination you were headed for, said ad still comes up. It's uber annoying. Not to mention, who knows what viruses are contained in these pop ups.

Just as annoying as pop ups are these things down loader things. Some sites you go to will try and download something to your computer. Again pop up blocker doesn't bock it. It's not a pop up, so why should it, but you still have to deal with have to cancel it before it starts and then have to wait for it to stop. Ugh!

I despise pop ups with a furious anger, yet I don't wish them away. They're a minor annoyance compared to having to pay for everything on the net.

I just thought of something. The new pop up ads that take over the page are similar to those ads at the bottom of TV screens that make you watch them. Is it really that crucial?

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