Monday, August 25, 2008

I won't be moving to Alabama anytime soon

I know that some places have some obscure and ridiculous laws, but these new ones that the state of Alabama will be passing soon take the cake.

The first is a law that requires smokers to pay a $24 fine for smoking. Now, I'm not a smoker...anymore...but this whole smoking ban kick that the country is on is a bit much. First, they take away smoking in restaurants and bars. Then they want to keep you from smoking in your car (at least down here in La, they do). In probably one of the worst and most pointless moves to curb smoking, they don't allow smoking in TV and movies. Any smoking that does occur is prefaced by a warning. WTF?!? Now, Alabama is trying to pass this dumb law. A fine for smoking is like giving a fine for passing gas in public. Yeah, people don't really care for it, but it's a personal choice, and last I checked, this was still a free country. Make no mistake, smoking is bad, but so are a lot of things. If a person wants to light up, then let them. These anti-smoking tactics are really getting on my everlasting nerves!

The other law is similar. Alabama people who are fat will have to pay $25. I think it's an insurance fee or something, but I'm not 100% sure. Notice I said fat rather than obese. That is because, as I understood it, anyone with above the standard body fat index for their age and height and such will be charged. This is unconstitutional! First of all, not everyone that is fat got that way by eating their way there. Some have thyroid conditions, others are big boned, some have inherited the gene from their family, etc. Of course, there are those that did it themselves there, but as with smoking, that's there choice and they shouldn't be assessed a fee for it, especially the way they're defining fatness.

One can only hope these laws don't spread to other states!


fwaggle said...

don't sweat it, they'll get struck down pretty quickly.

i disagree with a blanket ban on smoking in public buildings (as exists in california, and has for a long time), but i don't really have a problem for banning smoking in restaurants. banning smoking in bars is just plain silly, but smoking while you eat is just plain trashy. anyone who can eat with an ashtray in eyesight obviously has no taste and doesn't deserve to eat in public where others can see. :D

and smoking while driving, well.. you have the smokers to blame for that. if they're not chucking butts out the window (even if a cigarette butt is smaller than a soda bottle, it's still littering, asshole) and starting brushfires (big problem in australia, where i come from) they're causing accidents because they were messing around with a lighter or somesuch - somewhat rare, but it does happen... a ban on smoking while driving is equally as sensible as a ban while talking on cell phones. and don't even get me started on the trashy welfare moms who blow smoke that ends up all over their kids...

but as far as those particular laws go, i'm sure common sense will prevail and they'll get struck pretty quickly.

Mystery Man said...

common sense? peopl have that these days? lol