Monday, August 11, 2008


Yesterday, I was watching the first Pirates of the Caribbean and I got to thinking...this movie made pirates cool, but at the time pirates were about as cool as bank robbers. Somehow over time they've gained a cult status.I can just see some little boys outside playing pirates back then, and their mothers calling them in and saying they shouldn't be such foul creatures.

Pirates aren't the only ones that have fallen into that trap. Indians, assassins, ninjas, etc. have all become sexy fantasies for people. Amazing what can happen over time. Just think in a couple hundred years, terrorists may be cool!

good thing I'll be long gone by then


Kate said...

That's true (about pirates). I recently discovered I'm descended from a pirate and I did think it was pretty cool. At the time though it was a terrible scandal and his father disowned him.

It's the same with Robin Hood, we view him as a courageous freedom fighter, but a real life Robin would have been no better than a modern day mugger and certainly wouldn't have spared any of his loot for the poor.

Mystery Man said...

that's totally cool that you're related to pirates. wish i was that lucky.

i never thought about robin hood as a mugger, but now that you mention it, i totally see it.