Sunday, August 3, 2008

Burn, Baby, Burn

Ugh! I finally got some Cd's and was ready to burn them and my CD burner is still acting funky. Any CD I play in there works, but when I get ready to burn something, it decides it doesn't want to work. WTF?!?

I think it may be finally time to admit that it's burned out. It's been doing this for the past month or so, but I went behind he comp and jiggled some wires and it started working again. Strangely enough, though, the Cd's that were burned since that time work fine the first time or two, then they start having issues. I so need to figure out what to do that doesn't involve buying a new CD burner. Best I can think of is downloading Roxio on the little woman's laptop and burning Cd's on there for the time being.

This is so frustrating!!!


Critic_101 said...

Ya I know August Rush is a real feel good film. I don't know if your into musicals but Rent is another good movie. I hope your cd burner gets better.

Mystery Man said...

I love Rent. I'm one of the few straight guys around who likes musicals. Parially becuse i'm a band No luck with the burner, but i'm still working on it.