Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Time in a bottle

My, my, my where has the time gone? Seems like just yesterday it was May and school was out, now it's August and school starts back tomorrow. Ugh! Where has my summer gone? As an educator, I've had to go back for pointless meetings this week. Let me tell you, those are more some of the most painfully boring this to sit through. Avoid them at all costs if you can. Football coaches may be out in the hot sun during that time, but they're lucky.

So, what have I done this summer. Well, I've been hired at a new school, finished a couple of video games, watched a ton of movies, started a couple of blogs, started a diet, and grew a beard that I'll probably shave off tonight. How productive, huh?

Oh well, guess its time to countdown to Xmas break. good thing about school starting is that football season isn't too far around the corner. Bring it on!

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