Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pin Ups

Like most guys, excluding those of the homosexual variety, I enjoy looking at beautiful women. There is nothing wrong with looking at a female form in some form of medium. Lately, though, I have found my newest obsession is pin ups.

I'm not talking about the centerfold type from Playboy or Penthouse or anything. Those are just smut. i'm spaking of the vintage 30s and 40s pin ups. Classic beauties that have real curves, and leave something to the imagination (in some cases).

Yes, I like alot of things from that time period. Sometimes I even wonder if I was born in the wrong era.

Look at the difference in pin ups:

This is now:

and this was then:

Not exactly the best 2 pics to compare, but you should be able to get the point. Things were classier back then. *SIGH*


foongpc said...

You are right! It's definitely classier in the older days. Nowadays, they reveal everything with nothing left to the imagination just like you said.

bhawana kapoor said...

Ya and I don't really appreciate the look on the face of the present day model. It so fake...Even she knows she is acting...I am sure even guys won't like that ..but the media has created this whole illusionary way of projecting people, life etc.. What a waste!

Mystery Man said...

I'm glad to see/hear that others out there agree with me. such a shame we don't have a bigger voice. we could bring back the pin ups!