Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Apologies and McAfee

Damn McAfee! Damn it to HELL!!!!

My apologies to anyone who was excpecting a drop from me yesterday. Monday night I foolishly installed a McAfee virus scan and when I attempted to start internet explorer it kept saying it was having to close becuse of an error. So, I ran a sytem restore, which took forever.

Now, things are working fine, except my wireless connection can't be found. THat seems to be just a matter of re-installing, though.

On top of this, my computer at work decided it wanted to give me the blu screen of death. Oy! What did I do to the computer gods to anger them so?

So, m apologies to my entrecard friends. If you dropped on me yesterday, I'm going to do my best to return the drop.

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