Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Plain Jane

Is there something wrong with wanting things simple? I watch allot of Food Network (even though I can't cook anything not microwavable...lol), and notice that with the occasional exception of Rachel Ray or when they're specifically trying to do something simple, they make things unnecessarily complicated.

With Thanksgiving coming up, the little woman is getting her recipes together for Thursday's dinner. Usuaully everyday dinner consists of us eating two totally different things, even if we are eating the same thing. With people coming over this week, some preparing their own dishes to bring, I'm sure this will be just as bad.

Now, I don't totaly want anything fancy, but I just prefer it simple. I mean, I rememebr watching Food Network one day and they took mac & cheese and made it uber-complicated. On top of that, it didn't look that great, and if I remember right, only 1 of the judges liked it. The other two and the people that they prepared it for hated it.

I'm just a simple guy, I guess.

There is a line I was told when I was student teaching, K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid). Maybe this guy that jacked up mac & cheese should have thought about it.

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bingkee said...

There is a difference between a "rel igious person" who wants to choke his religious beliefs in everyone, and a person who simply loves to share the Word to encourage and uplift people. It's up to you to detect that. But if someone is annoyed at God's word being shared and heard, that person might be "living and contented in darkness and afraid of the light." God's word is "light" to the darkness of the world.
And if someone is bothered by that person, we might as well respect him coz if we don't , we are more of the "assholes" that you talked about.