Saturday, November 22, 2008

Stuck inheritance

A few years ago, my grandfather passed away and left me his 1992 Chevrolet Caprice. Now, just like most old men and their cars, he treated that thing with kid gloves. Even when he was real low sick, he found a way to get up, go out, and at least start it. I am the only other person, besides the shop guys and I think my mother, who has driven it, and the only one who he let set the clock, so it was only fitting he left it to me.

It just so happened, that at the time of his pasing, my 1998 Dodge Neon had gone kaput. Now, some may say it's a downgrade from a Neon to a Caprice. I certainly thought so. I mean, I'm not into big cars. Still, it was fully paid for and my rightful inheritance (other than my mom, i got the biggest inheritance...take that siblings :P)

Well, years have passed and I've since finished college, started teaching, and purchaed a new car. I kept his for sentimental value and this afternoon, while the little woman is away at Ren-Fair, I decided to kill some time and look under the hood, maybe take it for a drive.

Well, that plan hit a monkeywrench. You see, it's been about 2 years since I've started it nad its just been sitting in the carport gathering dust and pollen. The neighbors say its bringing down the property value. Whatever! They're just a bunch of elitists looking for something to bitch about!

So, I'm not sure if its becuse of the time elapsed, but the hood will not open. I'm sure the oil and gas in there is no good either. I tried every trivk in the book to get the thing open, becuse the steering wheel belt (can't think of the name, it also has something to do with the air conditioner) needs to be replaced before it goes anyplace. Kinda hard to do that if you can't get the hood up, though.

So, if anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears. I would like to drive the car again sometime and not let it just be a resting place for cats.

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