Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time to move forward

It is official, Barack Obama is now the 44th President of the United States of America. I just finished listening to his acceptance speech a couple of hours ago. I was deeply moved. I think we are in good hands.

Funny thing, friend of mine changed her status on Facebook to, "____ is glad to have a president that can speak English because the last 8 yrs we haven't had that." I found that bit amusing.


Mike Foster said...


How To Survive an Election Year Financial Meltdown


Laane said...


Many people in the world have confidence in him. That's a good start.

Talair said...

Echoing Mike: Yes we can!!

Shiko-Msa said...

Congratulations America. Obama is a worldwide phenomenon. Moreso here in Kenya.

foongpc said...

Congrats to Obama! Created history as the 1st black President of USA. It's about time! : )

Dan Brantley said...

The last President elected on a wave of anti-Republican sentiment was Jimmy Carter. He was a one term and out president. Obama certainly talks a good game, now it is time for him to step onto the field and play.
The Republicans are sorely disappointed right now, but I wonder who will be the most disappointed this time next year.
Hang on,. It promises to be an interesting ride.

Life Ramblings said...

congrats to your new-elected obama! this means a new beginning for America and for the whole world.